Clearwater Hydro Limited

Clearwater Hydro was established in early 2007 to develop small scale, low impact, hydro generation schemes across New Zealand.  The company represents the concept of 'Distributed Generation', whereby electricity is generated from numerous smaller sites. This approach has several advantages as environmental effects are minimised and the electricity generated is fed into the local power network which benefits the local community and minimises transmission losses.

Clearwater Hydro and The Lines Company amalgamated to become The Lines Company Limited on 1 January 2017.

Financial Corporation Limited - Trading as FCL Metering (FCLM)

Financial Corporation Limited is a 100% owned subsidiary specialising in the supply of Metering Equipment, Data and associated services to Retailers, Developers and Lines Companies throughout New Zealand.
To contact FLC Metering please phone 0800 367 546 option 1 and ask for FCL Metering.  Alternatively you can email for more information.