How to control your kW load costs

The Lines Company's pricing system charges customers for their load during times when the company is controlling load in their area.

Customers with standard meters

Option one - Decrease the amount of electricity you use over the measured months. This will usually reduce your kW load.

Option two - Increase the number of appliances you have on load control. (There may be a cost involved.) This will be effective if you have load controlled appliances, but many older homes do not. If you plan to increase your use of our ripple signal and you do not have a separate meter for the controlled usage give us a call.

Option three - Install a time of use meter. Any customer can ask us to install a time of use meter.

Customers with time of use meters

This meter records your load for every half hour and gives a more accurate individual measurement of your load during periods of load control. Installing a time of use meter will ensure that your kW load charge for the following year will be based on your maximum load averaged over six 2-hourly periods when The Lines Company was load controlling during the previous year.

(See section on pricing here)


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Useful Tip

Put your next washing load on before you go to bed at night, making sure it’s a full load. You’ll save time by doing fewer loads and it will cost you less than it would during load control periods. A little forward planning will save you a lot of time and money!