Medically Dependent / At Risk Customers

At The Lines Company we look after people who may be facing personal hardship not just because we are required to do it – but because we see that as our responsibility.

Check this page to see if you think you qualify. If you are unsure or you think you do qualify please call us now on 0800 367 546.

Medical dependency

If you or anyone in your household depends on mains electricity for critical medical support and the loss of electricity could result in loss of life or serious harm, please contact our customer service team urgently on 0800 367 546 (then choose Option 1) so that we can register you as a medically dependent customer. Medical dependency includes both medical equipment and any equipment needed to carry out critical medical treatment such as a microwave for dialysis patients.

You will need to ask your GP or other health provider to complete the Medical Dependency Form and return it to us. You can download the Medical Dependency Form here

Your emergency back-up plan during an electricity outage

If you're medically dependent, it's important that you have an emergency response plan in place. A power outage can occur suddenly during bad weather, emergency repair work or other unexpected circumstances. Most customers in New Zealand experience at least one un-planned electricity outage every year.

Your emergency response plan could include:

  • ensuring that a stand-by battery is always fully charged
  • relocating to a friend's or family member's premises with a working electricity supply
  • calling an ambulance to be taken to hospital in serious circumstances.

Consider what would be best for you in the case of an emergency. But if the disconnection of electricity at your house would present a threat to anyone's health or wellbeing we need to know about it.

Financial hardship

We also want to know where people may face financial hardship and be unable to meet the cost of our service.

Please contact our Customer Services Team on 0800 367 546 (then choose Option 1) to discuss your situation. If your situation is temporary we may be able to assist by providing a payment alternative. We may also consult with Work and Income on your behalf.

You could also consider contacting a budgeting advisory agency such as your local Citizens Advice Bureau, the Associated Budgeting Consultants Network or the NZ Federation of Family Budgeting Services.

In case of emergency call our free emergency line

0800 367 328

Useful Tip

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