Vacant Properties

If you own a property which is vacant but connected to the network you are required to pay for the connection.

At any one time around 10 per cent of the properties in the region can be vacant – whether they are rental properties, holiday homes or other vacant properties. In the Ruapehu and Turangi region about a third of all customers’ properties could be vacant for much of the year.

However we need to have capacity on the network to meet their needs. There is a cost to provide this capacity so we need to make sure that the cost of that capacity is fairly allocated even where the properties are vacant for periods of time.

Our standard Terms of Service state that you are a customer of The Lines Company if you own the installation which is connected to our network. Most of our customers are also the bill payer and the consumer. All terms in the Terms of Service are relevant to the customer. 

If a property is vacant, it is still connected to the network even if it is de-energised by the removal of a fuse. A de-energised property is still connected to the network.

In each of those cases the owners are required to pay for the connection.

A landlord who owns one or more rental properties can assign the responsibility for payment to a tenant of a property. Please call 0800 367 546 option 1 for more information.

See our Terms of Service here

In case of emergency call our free emergency line

0800 367 328

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