Who are our customers?

You are a customer of The Lines Company if you own a line that is connected to our network.

Normally we assume that any private line connected to our network is owned by the owner of the property the private line supplies. This means that our connection agreement is with the property owner unless there is evidence to the contrary. The property owner is therefore responsible for paying the bills related to their property or properties.

However the property owner may, with our approval, assign the responsibility for paying the bills to a tenant of their property. While that means we will send our bills to the tenant, the ultimate responsibility for paying them will always rest with the property owner with whom we have the connection agreement.

Some connections date back to the time before we had a signed connection agreement. If you own such a property and you have not asked us to permanently disconnect it from our network, then you are our customer. 

If you are a tenant rather than the owner of a property connected to our network then your tenancy agreement may make you responsible for the payment of our charges. In those circumstances we may send the bill for the line and equipment charges directly to you.

A full definition of Customer is outlined in our current Terms of Service.



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Useful Tip

Tips for holiday home owners with demand meters

Holiday home owners can experience considerable increases in their line charges because of their distinctive kW load pattern. While you are staying at the residence it is advisable to maintain a base warmth in the home during the day to avoid the load required to heat the home from a much lower temperature in the evening. Have hot water and non-essential appliances on ripple control.