We currently have some 24,000 electrical installations connected to our network, most of which are residential properties. 

When a new installation is required we will connect it to the network with the capacity level agreed in the connection contract. 

We will help you to determine the capacity, or maximum load, you may require.

If you have a new property or other type of installation which you would like to have connected to our network you may find our connection process guidelines helpful, alternatively you can contact our Customer  Team on 0800 367 546. 

New connection applications can be downloaded here

The Lines Company does not sell electricity and before any new site or existing site  is livened you must have a contract for electricity supply with an energy retailer.

The retailer will want to know the address details for the property you want to connect. If it is in a new subdivision you might not know the street number yet, so you will need to use the Lot number and DP number from your property title.

For electricity retailers trading on The Lines Company network click here:

To help guide anyone who owns or is authorised to represent the owner of an Installation either connected to or about to be connected to TLC’s network we have developed a Network Code. All installations on our network must comply with the requirements set out in this code.The code summarises the technical issues necessary to protect TLC’s Network and ensure that it operates in a safe and efficient manner. 
To read The Network Code click here.

Terms of Service

Our Standard Terms of Service outline the terms of the contract between you, the property or installation owner, and The Lines Company for the supply of electricity.

These Terms of Service apply to both residential and commercial premises. This means that parties to this agreement may be either:

  • individual people (or groups of people)
  • Companies or other corporate entities

You can download the Standard Terms of Service here.

De-energising or Disconnecting from the network

We will undertake the initial connection of your installation to our network and we will also permanently disconnect it if you ask us to do so.

Other contractors may undertake temporary disconnections or de-energisations for you provided that:

  • They are legally qualified.
  • They are approved by us to work on our network.
  • They are authorised by your retailer (if the work affects your charges from your retailer).

If you would like to have your property re-energised 6 months or more from the time of de-energisation you will need to obtain the appropriate certification from a licensed electrical inspector. 

If you would like to be reconnected to the network after 6 months or more, or following new line work, you will need a certificate of compliance from a licensed electrical inspector.


Distributed generation

The geographical region we serve has many areas that are suitable for electricity generation. The Lines Company has many generators connected to our network so has considerable experience in dealing with technical issues associated with distributed generation.

People's safety and network security are our top priorities. Accordingly we must know where all generators are located and have the ability to isolate them from the Network. Generators back feeding in to our Network are a danger to our staff. Also Generation owners are responsible for claims from other customers when generators fail to operate in compliance with the electricity regulations and other legislation. 

Our document on Distributed Generation  “TLC’s Distributed Generation Policy” details the requirements needed before connecting generators to our Network. 

View or download this document and application forms for connection to the network here.