Your safety

Safety with lines and around network equipment


Electricity distributed throughout our region is distributed at high voltages.

All equipment including lines, poles, transformers and switchgear is rated to carry power at specific voltages.  All high voltage electricity is extremely dangerous.

That's why we urge all our customers to take care around any high voltage equipment.

You need to take special care around electricity outdoors.

If you are planning some home maintenance such as trimming or removing trees, cleaning gutterings, replacing spouting, painting, repairing roofs or chimneys, be careful when you’re working near overhead power lines or underground cables where they enter your house. These lines are not safe to touch. For example, a tall ladder accidentally touching an overhead power line can lead to serious injury or death.

In general, overhead electricity lines are not insulated and if contact – or near contact – is made with them by anything capable of conducting electricity, the electricity will pass through the object with the risk of injuring or killing anyone holding or near to the object.

The messages from your local electricity lines company, electricity retailer and the Energy Safety Service are ‘look up and look out’, ‘watch those overheads’ and ‘watch where you dig’.

Follow these safety tips to keep yourself safe:

  • Before starting on any repair or maintenance jobs outside, make sure you locate power lines or underground cables. Plan your work. If you are going to be working near these lines,arrange for your retailer or network company to disconnect your power supply while you are working.
  • If you are handling any tall object near power lines (eg. scaffolding or ladders), keep an eye on what is above you - don’t let it come into contact with power lines. You should keep yourself and any objects that you are handling at least four metres away from overhead power lines.
  • Watch out for what’s below - make sure you check for any underground gas, power or water services before you dig.
  • Use a licensed electrical worker for all electrical repairs.
  • Plant trees well away from power lines and keep branches trimmed before they get too close.

Before installing or repairing a clothesline, TV antenna or other high structures, check for clearance of power lines.

  • If you are operating any electrical equipment outdoors, always use a Residual Current Device (RCD) or an isolating transformer.

Please do not go anywhere near any power lines that have been brought down by a storm or any other cause. This would almost certainly result in an electric shock and burns and may be fatal.

Be careful and stay safe around electricity.