Arrangements for the installation of new meters

Which areas will be first?

Mangakino and Otorohanga will start the roll-out at the end of September with other areas starting to roll out meters soon after. Please keep an eye out for notices in your local papers for details.

How will I know when my meter is going to be changed?

You will get a letter to notify you and then a follow up phone call. If you have changed your phone contact details or would like to check that we have the correct details please call us on 0800 367 546 option 1 to update them.

How will I know the person who has come to change the meter is the real deal?

The meter installer will drive a vehicle sign written with the Lines Company name and logo and will be wearing high visibility blue and orange overalls and jacket.

Do I need to be there when it happens?

No you do not need to be there when your meter is changed unless you are needed to give the meter installer access to the meter board.

Should I turn items off and unplug everything?

We strongly recommend that you unplug sensitive items such as computers, televisions and any appliance that has a computer chip in it. If you will be out for the whole day we suggest leaving fridges and freezers plugged in.

How long will the power be turned off for?

The power will be turned off for around 30 minutes, although this can vary from site to site.

What happens if the new meter will not fit where the current meter is or if there is a problem with my meter board?

If the new meter will not fit on your current meter board or there is any issue with your old board your meter will not be changed on the day and you will be contacted by one of our representatives to discuss your options.

In case of emergency call our free emergency line

0800 367 328