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Your connection

Unlike other parts of New Zealand, we have a direct relationship with our customers. This means there's no 'go-between' when arranging new connections or fixing any faults, and we can give you clear, unbiased advice on how to manage the amount of electricity you use.

Connecting with us means you’ll receive two separate bills — one from us for the use of our network, and one from your energy retail provider for your electricity consumption. Clear, simple and no surprises.

Disconnect and reconnect power

Electrically reconnect or disconnect simply means turning power on or off.



From time-to-time, you may wish to carry out maintenance or repairs on your property that involves lines or cables. When you do, you should call us or your retailer to request a temporary disconnection so you can do things safely.

Other contractors may undertake temporary electrical disconnections for you provided:

  • They are legally qualified to undertake the relevant electrical work on our network;
  • They are approved by us to work on our network.

PERMANENT Decommissions

If power is no longer needed at a property, the legal owner can request a permanent decommission.

A permanent decommission will remove the installation from our network. We require a decommission form to be signed by the owner/s to proceed.

Decommissions are free of charge and involve a site visit by us to remove the meter/s, pole fuse and disconnect the service cable from the pole and roll it up. In some cases we may also remove the transformer.

Once the decommission has been completed it cannot be reversed and you would need to go through our new connection process, which has associated costs.

Call us and our team will talk you through the process.


Your property can be reconnected to our network if it was previously switched off.

For more information on reconnecting, visit our “Get connected” page.


You can assign responsibility for your lines bill to your tenant.

At the beginning of the tenancy, you’ll need to communicate and agree who will be paying the lines bill.

Moving in and out

When someone moves they’ll often let their electricity retailer know — but forget to tell us.

Each time a tenant moves in or out please let us know so we can update the account details. This also applies if the property is vacant.

You can do this by emailing us at info@thelines.co.nz or give us a call on 0800 367 546.

Working with tenants

We offer the same advice and support to tenants as we do to landlords to help manage their bill.

  • If a tenant’s account is in arrears by two months, we’ll notify you within five working days.
  • At this point, you, as the landlord, become responsible for all future charges.

Vacant properties

We often get asked why customers are charged for an empty property. It is because to remain connected to the network, we still need to maintain and service the poles and wires that connect your property. There is a cost involved in providing that service.

Meter reads

Our pricing is based on how much you use and is billed after you use it. This means meter reads are really important.

If you and/or your tenant read your meter each time someone moves in and out, your tenants will only ever pay for what they have used and not pass a bill onto the next customer.

Landlord rebate policy

This policy no longer applies and is no longer available.


Your tenant may ask you about load management. We use load management to manage the network during busy periods. If customers have their hot water heating connected to load management it means they are eligible for the lower peak price.

As a property owner it is up to you to connect hot water heating to load management. To arrange this you need to speak to us and an electrician is required.

Medically dependent

If you’re dependent on electricity for critical medical support, it’s important you let us know.

We aim to deliver a continuous power supply but sometimes interruptions occur beyond our control such as stormy weather or fallen trees.

We also have to switch electricity off from time-to-time to carry out maintenance on our lines network.

Who should register?

If you or someone you’re living with is dependent on electricity for critical medical support, e.g. equipment such as ventilators or dialysis machines, and the loss of electricity could result in loss of life or serious harm, it’s important that you let us know.

Why should I register?

If an electricity outage at your house would result in loss of life or serious harm, we need to know about it so appropriate safeguards can be put in place.

How do I register?

Please contact our customer services team on 0800 367 546 and they can discuss the registration process with you.

Emergency Response Plan

If you do rely on electricity for medical reasons, it’s also a good idea to have a back-up plan in case an outage does occur. This could include:

  • Ensuring a stand-by battery is always fully charged.
  • Relocating to a friend or family member’s house where electricity is available.
  • Calling an ambulance via mobile phone to go to hospital in serious circumstances.